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At Designmax Homes, we don't believe in standard plans. We believe that every property, every client & every project is unique.  There is no such thing as

"one size fits all"  when it comes to designing and building a home or lifestyle building.  

During our initial consultation we discuss the goals & needs for your home offering innovative, yet practical advice on building layout, style and cost.  We find this first meeting invaluable in enabling us to understand your vision as well as the functional needs of your home. 


We will also undertake a site visit to ensure your design will make the best possible use of your site while meeting all of your needs & budget.


Using information from our initial consultation, we will finalise a floor plan that we can use to create a 3-D CAD model of your home.  This part of the process can take some time as we work with you until we get the design perfect.  


We provide the same service as an architect but far better as we also utilise our building experience to provide innovative, cost-efficient methods to build a house with a difference.

Once the design has been finalised & signed off we start costing your build so that we can provide you with a fixed price quote & specifications for your home.  The specifications will point out what is included & excluded in the quoted price. 


On acceptance of this quote we will provide you with a contract. 


Upon signing this agreement a contract deposit will be invoiced.

We then get your working drawings underway for submitting to Council for consent.  Our in-house qualified draftsmen ensure that we can have the plans finalised & into Council in a timely fashion. 


The working drawings typically take between 4-6 weeks to complete dependant on geo-tech &/or other reports that are required.  


Council then require 20 working days to process the application & issue the Building Consent.

Once the Building Consent is approved your build can officially start.  We will already have things underway so that we can start your project immediately. Throughout the entire process we liaise with yourselves, building contractors, Council Inspectors and our selected tradesmen to ensure complete precision, professionalism and quality for our project.

We have a network of qualified tradespeople and suppliers that we deal with for all of our projects.  This enables us to ensure a stress-free build for our clients with the end result being the creation of a superior quality home or lifestyle building that fulfills our clients needs and that all those involved in are proud to have been a part of. 

At this point you'll be getting pretty excited!

Before we hand the keys over, we ensure all paperwork is completed, the project is signed off and the Code of Compliance has been filed.

Then we celebrate - you're moving into your brand new home!

The Build Process






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